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Apr. 27th, 2013 12:28 pm
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OK maybe I should do an AU checklist, for posterity if nothing else. SORT OF UMINEKO SPOILERS. But it's a fictionalized interpretation of things so don't think this AU is something that actually happens in canon or anything, in the way that it's presented here. The short version is Beato's AU is a classy androgynous dude named Lion who looks similar enough to Beatrice to be identifiable to people who know her well, but different enough that it probably takes some head-tilting.


I think I made it to the point where actually there are so many differences that I don't know which differences to list orz QUESTIONS CAN BE FIELDED HERE IF THERE ARE ANY MORE OBVIOUS ONES I FORGOT
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OH I ACTUALLY... DID THIS... I did it at work without referencing things though so perhaps it is. inaccurate. I'm not sure anymore.

KINDA SPOILERY mostly just random notes though )

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I suppose we should talk in private. I didn't even realize there was a clue about us...

[I accidentally the weakest link :(]


Nov. 4th, 2012 11:04 pm
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I am doing this too because this is much easier than writing sentences. hopefully I didn't fuck up the code somehow

I play Beatrice! Whiskey/Alice?! And Shuri!! (the latter is also in cfud as it happens)

rainbows relationships )
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detailed peridot sugar rose (taken): Santa Claus; Lambdadelta's threats
What about me dissatisfies you? ...As you know, my Lady, my game board is perfect. )
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This skill however does not... particularly cover any of that. This is all the first-year Hogwarts kind of stuff. Moving/creating/disappearing small objects, locking and unlocking doors, small candle-level flames, changing clothes magically... Basically any miscellaneous magic that's more subtle and innocuous than say "lighting people on fire" or anything similarly dramatic.

A good barometer for the level of magic expressed in this skill is if she could theoretically do it within a few minutes on her own, now she can do it... with magic!!
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ccccatching up in memory writeups. why do I do this to myself

this is only for my own reference really. TEXTDUMP!!!

Memory 45: sugar glazed peridot popcorn (9/10): TrivPos: Days Enraptured
Apparently, it's possible to build up a friendship through verbal abuse... )

Memory 46: miniature pie (taken): TrivPos: snacks with the witch; girl talk with Jessica
......I've never been thanked as a witch, so I couldn't help acting a little rudely. )

Memory 47: cup of tea (2/3 left): SigNeg: death
Thank you... Liar... Goodbye... And... Sorry. )

Memory 48: crown of laurels (2/3 left): TrivNeu: "I keep my promises."
When people are born, they don't know of fraud. ...They get it from somewhere. And so they learn it. )

Memory 49: white chocolate bone (Taken): SigPos: A New Element
So... this emotion that feels like sweet suffocation... is love...? )

Memory 50: heart-shaped raspberry tarts (3/4): TrivNeg: "You're an eyesore, so disappear. You monster."
......Why do you instinctively hate me so much, Battler? )

Memory 51: jar of rotting fish smell (3/4): SigNeg: Battler’s test
No need to suffer. I will not play. ......This is checkmate. )

Memory 52: two gingerbread people (1/2): TrivNeg: "Is the cat in the box alive or dead? The time has now come... to check."
Beatrice. It's time for you to die now. )

Skills 12, 13: Magical Body and Waterproofing )
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...Hello. Shall we talk...?
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[so we're both aware of the rules:

⎈ This is a game run by the Sea Witch and Captain Hook.

⎈ Pairs must decide on one person to live and one to die out of the two of them. This must be a joint decision. They may make an offer of something else in an attempt to save themselves, but must still decide who will die. Refusing to make a choice means that BOTH will die, if their offer is not accepted. Offers may be made individually or as a pair, but will be judged as a pair.

⎈ At the end of the game, your offer will be judged. The top 50% of offers will be accepted and those people will be spared.

⎈ The partner who is slated to die will have the opportunity to decide how to kill themselves. Methods generally are killing yourself, having your partner kill you, or allowing Hook/Sea Witch to do it. Generally, you should wait until part two for any killing.]
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iiiiiiiiit's MEMORY/SKILL CATCHUP TIME!! I've given up on formatting memories TOO carefully or writing up reactions. I. I JUST NEED THEM HERE!! Maybe some of the quotes are misattributed idek anymore

Memory 36: chocolate nail (taken): TrivNeu: Ronove is a TROLL; introducing Ange
Are you still moping so early in the morni~ng?!?! )

Memory 37: copper bracelet (3/4 left): SigNeu: "Give it up...!! There is no magic to revive Sakutarou...!"; revenge against Rosa
Welcome, Maria, to the profound and sweet world of witches!! )

Memory 38: fruit tart (taken): SigNeg: logic error
Was there some power that could only be used without the detective's authority...?! )

Memory 39: white pawn (4/5 left): TrivPos: cultural festival (pettan pettan tsurupettan)
.........This place is kinda filled with girls. It's uncomfortable. )

Memory 40: yarn (4/5 left): TrivPos: Battler breaking down :')
And let me also say this. You are incompetent! )

Memory 41: forget-me-not (3/4 left): TrivPos: setting a trap toy car
A fickle person is very hard to deal with. )

Memory 42: cage/rose thaumatrope (4/5 left): TrivNeu: granting wishes
I wouldn't even want to grant a weak-willed wish. )

Memory 43: golden stick (taken): TrivPos: tea party with Maria and Sakutarou
Animal ears sure are nice, truly cute! Let me try some on later. )

Memory 44: gold coin (8/8 left): TrivNeu: MAGIC BATTLE AGAINST VIRGILIA

aaand the skills )

Skill 9

Mar. 21st, 2012 11:11 pm
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Okay I have A LOT OF WRITEUPS TO DO YET (luckily I am just saying that Beatrice is behind in taking memories) but Beatrice has met up with a Persona and now one of her more recent skills is now going to be effective.

A summary, since the effects are unignorably obvious:
1) Beatrice henceforth properly looks like the person in her icons where previously there were some things "off"
2) There were will be 2 other people out and about under Beatrice's account name!
3) Beatrice will be "regularly" (pending her actually taking memories regularly) visiting the beach to pay off her debt to the Sea Witch.

A more spoilery and in-depth explanation! )
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STOP PROCRASTINATING ON MEMORY WRITEUPS!!1 no never. this memory is even more abstract than usual ones are so I won't bother to mess with it too much

From this day forward, you have the right to hate everything. From this day forward, you are the Golden Witch, Beatrice. )
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lending an umbrella and letter to Maria )

more of a mini-sotu on Beatrice's thoughts on magic and coping than a summary )

Enough with that phrase 'because I am furniture'... )

TOO BRAINDEAD FOR SECOND MEMORY WRITEUP EVEN IN THE LAZIEST TERMS; it's something that's been referenced in other memories and it gets better later but it's still like lolol. Also Jessica, girl, you don't even know.
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Memory 31 - Significant Positive - beginning the game against Battler; 'In other words, this is torture.' )

AS FOR THIS NEXT MEMORY, I put on my registry that it was writing and sealing the letters, but really the important part is that she sends a number of letters throughout the series, and I wanted to make sure the content of those letters was on her registry SINCE SHE PROBABLY WROTE THEM. So this is less a script memory and more a transcription of those!!

Memory 32 - Significant Neutral - the letters )

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